24 May 2016

Suspect sketch released in Craggy Gardens assault on 64-year-old female hiker found tied to tree

Eleven days after the assault of a 64-year-old female hiker at Craggy Gardens off the Blue Ridge Parkway, National Park Service officials have released a sketch of a suspect, described as a white male, around 50 years old, salt-and-pepper gray hair with an unshaven face.

Park officials with the Blue Ridge Parkway confirmed last week that the woman had been assaulted.

The suspect was said to be wearing a light-colored or faded gray short-sleeve T-shirt, baggy blue pants that appeared old and faded, and dark tennis shoes. He was described as being unkempt and smelled bad, probably from going unbathed.

The hiker, whose service dog was nearby, was taken to an area hospital and released later the same day. She was reported missing by her caregiver and found by emergency personnel who found her tied to a tree near the Craggy Gardens Visitor Center.

Rangers ask anyone with information to call the investigative tip line at 888-653-0009.

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  1. Cynthia.. there has been an update and a photo of a suspect published. He is a recently paroled prisoner. He is the guy they think committed this crime. He never reported to his parole officer. He was put away for more than one thing, but one offense was past sexual assault.